Hands On, On-Site

ABM has a solid track record of successfully working in all types of data centers across the world. We continue to innovate in this rapidly changing industry. Our services include:

  • Installation of new equipment
  • Routine repairs and upgrades of data center equipment
  • Cable installation and removal
  • Decommissioning of retired equipment
  • Inventory reconciliation of serialized and data bearing equipment
  • Removal of storage media
  • Parent/child reconciliation of assets and storage media
  • Data destruction services for magnetic drives, tapes and solid state devices

Compliant and Secure Services

Our work is disciplined and systematic, supported by written statements of work (SOWs), standard operating procedures (SOPs), security protocols, checklists, forms and a systematic tagging system. Technicians are trained to work carefully, safely and respectfully in the data center environment, recognizing these environments are mission critical for our clients.

Data Center Boot Camp

Our data center technicians have completed our data center boot camp, onsite safety training and have been trained to identify potential dangers in their work environment. As a matter of standard practice, they perform daily walk-throughs of the data center and complete a daily risk assessment. We have separate protocols and checklists for working on powered vs. unpowered equipment and data bearing and non-data bearing equipment.