Infrastructure Reuse

Infrastructure Reuse

Used data center equipment can be refurbished and prepared for reuse.  Reusing equipment, through resale or redeployment, is more cost effective and provides better environmental outcomes compared to recycling.  Our clients benefit from programs that deliver maximum value and are aligned to their corporate goals.


Sell Used Servers and Network Equipment

Server Resale – Networking Equipment Resale

Our remarketing teams have developed targeted resale channels where data center equipment is in high demand. Because we sell used equipment through retail and wholesale channels, we cast a wider net in matching buyers and sellers at mutually beneficial price points. Coupled with our pricing analytics tool, we are able to sell equipment in the right market, at the right time at the right price.


Redeploy Servers – Spare Parts Management

Some servers and blades with reuse potential are designated for redeployment to another client location. Reusing an asset in a less demanding environment can increase the return on your investment and yields better sustainability results. When an asset is designated to be redeployed, it will be shipped as directed by client, or sent to a ABM processing facility for refurbishment and redeployment. Redeployed assets can be tracked through the Sims Portal.

Original Design Servers (ODS)

We work with data center managers to repurpose custom built servers to maximize resale potential while protecting proprietary information.

Leased Equipment

Leased equipment returns can cause significant administrative headaches in restoring to acceptable condition and removing digital data prior to return.

Besides late charges, fees from physical damage or missing parts can add up.  Common charge backs on returned leased equipment include:

  • Missing hard drive
  • Missing memory
  • Cracks in plastic case
  • Bent metal cases
  • Missing battery or batteries that do not hold charge
  • Missing power cord

ABM works with our clients to simplify the return of leased equipment and prevent unnecessary chargebacks. Our services include inventory reconciliation (serial number capture), cosmetic refurbishment, repair, removal of company applied asset tags, data erasure, packing and shipping the leased equipment back to the leasing company.

We Buy Used Servers

Looking for the best return on servers you have already decommissioned?  If you have data center equipment you want to sell, we will buy your equipment outright. With our market knowledge and access to global buyers.

Data Center Services

Decommissioning and data destruction services provided at our client locations tend to be project based and require close coordination and planning. Talk to one of our business solution advisors to discuss how ABM can support your team.