Frequently Asked Questions

Managing removal of obsolete equipment from a data center requires a systematic and disciplined approach.

ABM helps data center managers plan for systematic removal of obsolete equipment from the data center. We routinely work in live data centers and plan and implement complete data center shutdowns. Behind the scenes, we have full service processing facilities where equipment is shipped and prepared for resale or recycling. We track our work at every step of the way. We provide detailed financial reporting and chain of custody reports. Companies have confidence that resell is handled quickly, maximizing financial return and recycling is done compliant with all regulations.

Because we operate in a specialized industry, we frequently are asked questions about the services we offer. Some of the more common questions are listed below.

  1. What is data center ITAD and how does it work?
  2. How do I compare different decommissioning vendors?
  3. What types of data center equipment does ABM take?
  4. Will my company get paid for decommissioned servers?
  5. How do I prepare decommissioned equipment for pick up?
  6. Does ABM take broken and obsolete data center equipment? Will you recycle network and power cables?
  7. What happens to my equipment after it is picked up?
  8. What happens to data bearing assets? How do I know data is destroyed?

Step by Step Details

This webpage provides a detailed description of data center ITAD services offered by SLS.

Decommisioning Checklist

Six topics to help you find the right data center decommissioning and  ITAD vendor for you.