Leading Data Center Decommissioning Capabilities

ABM is a key player in helping companies manage ongoing technology shifts in data centers. Our record of success includes working with businesses and major cloud companies to provide periodic decommissioning of older data center equipment. In addition, we work with businesses who are closing down corporate data centers as work moves to the cloud. We provide bulk on-site data destruction services, and provide complete resell and recycling services for retired data center equipment. ABM proactively develops solutions for our clients’ emerging data center technologies.

Types of Data Center Decommissioning Projects

  1. Staged decommissioning of older equipment
  2. Decommissioning/shut down of stand alone corporate data centers
  3. Cage clean-outs at co-located sites
  4. On-site data destruction services – including erasure, degaussing and bulk hard drive shredding projects
  5. Edge or micro-modular data center (MMDC) decommissioning

Services Offered by ABM

A successful decommissioning project requires effective planning, coordinated efforts and when applicable, assurances that the live environment will not be disrupted. The steps listed provide a quick overview of how equipment is handled when decommissioned. ABM minimizes data center disruption through defined processes and good project management. We ensure data is destroyed consistent with client requirements, that inventory is accurately audited and tracked and a plan is in place to eliminate unnecessary storage costs and to reduce logistics and shipping costs.

  1. Validate and decommission equipment and racks
  2. Asset list reconciliation
  3. Pull hard drives, on-site data destruction
  4. Pack and ship assets
  5. Refurbish assets
  6. Redeploy or resell assets
  7. Recycle obsolete or proprietary equipment

Data Center Decommissioning White Paper

With limited data center operating space, there is no room for unused items to remain in the facility. Therefore, data center decommissioning is an important part of managing changes in the data center. Those with strong decommissioning programs can maximize the return value of their devices, ensure all replaced equipment is removed, and ensure secure and responsible disposition.

This white paper provides an overview of how to plan for data center decommissioning projects.

Decommissioning Checklist

Do you have an upcoming decommissioning project? Download our “Checklist for Selecting a Decommissioning Vendor” for ideas on how to evaluate potential service providers.

Data Center Services

ABM is trusted across the globe for removing, reselling and recycling data center servers and blades. We offer multiple solutions for on-premise data destruction. See how we can help your data center.