Data Destruction

Why Destroy Data On-site?

As soon as retired electronic equipment leaves the data center, any intact data become vulnerable to exposure and can result in a potential data breach. Companies remain responsible for the security of collected data even after assets have been removed from your data center.

Don’t take any unnecessary risks. When security is absolutely paramount, you need to ensure your data is destroyed before IT assets leaves your premises. This removes all data risk associated with transporting material.

ABM offers a range of services for destroying sensitive data at our clients’ data centers. We help you meet regulatory requirements for data protection and avoid penalties for lack of compliance.

ABM offers data destruction solutions for:

  • Storage area networks (SAN)
  • Network area storage (NAS)
  • Magnetic drives
  • Solid state drives
  • Backup tapes

Data Destruction Methods

How It Is Done

We offer several solutions for destroying data on data bearing assets. Reporting will typically include inventory reports and certificates of data destruction. Clients utilizing these services can be confident their data is secured, their IT investment is protected, and all equipment is responsibly managed.

Degaussing and Crushing – Quick and Effective for Smaller Projects

Degaussing or crushing provides a quick method for physical destruction of hard drives.

Destruction through degaussing is achieved by applying a significant magnetic charge to the hard drive.  The magnetic charge immediately erases data on the hard drive.  Please note that degaussing is only effective on magnetic media (magnetic hard drives and backup tapes).

Crushing hard drives using a hard drive crusher, applies enough force to break the hard drive platters. Using equipment properly sized, crushing is effective for magnetic and solid state drives.

Clients like this quick and easy one-two punch.  Degaussing and crushing are frequently used together, providing an added layer of data security.

Shred – High Volume Projects

SLS offers high volume hard drive destruction services at your data center. Trucks equipped with hard drive shredders can shred thousands of storage media per day. Hard drive serial numbers are scanned prior to shredding to facilitate final inventory reconciliation. Same day Certificates of Data Destruction can be provided. Our mobile shredding service ensures that your drives are completely destroyed and 100% of data is secured. Our trucks contain industry-leading shredding technology which reduces your data-bearing media to tiny pieces and ensures that data is irretrievable.

Complementary Services

If our mobile shred truck is sent to your data center, we can back-haul 2-4 pallets of e-waste and IT assets for processing at a reduced shipping rate.

Erasure – Allows for Secure Reuse of Hard Drives

Erasing instead of physically destroying a hard drive enables reuse of the drive. Clients are able to redeploy hard drives internally or resell erased hard drives. This can be an important cost consideration. Hard drive erasure offers a great solution for destroying data and ensuring value recovery. SLS offers erasure of loose drives and in-machine drives.

Lockable Storage Bins

For Secure Hard Drive Storage

ABM offers lockable storage bins to secure accumulated hard drives until destruction services are provided. The ABM tamper-proof bins have been designed for any electronic media to be safely stored in a steel plate, tamper proof bin in your data center awaiting secure destruction. Typically used for loose hard drives, tapes, thumb drives, mobile phones, CDs, DVDs and other data bearing storage devices.

For Hard Drive Transport

Some projects require secure transport from a client location to a ABM facility.  Lockable bins provide an affordable solution for certain situations. The secured bins increase the security of assets during shipment.

Benefits of Working with ABM

  • National and global coverage
  • A range of data destruction services (degaussing, crushing, erasing, shredding)
  • Can handle small jobs and very large jobs
  • Can provide same day Certificate of Data Destruction
  • Can provide data destruction solution for a wide range of media including magnetic drives, solid state hard drives and backup tapes
  • Technicians use defined processes to ensure all data is destroyed and no drives are skipped as data is destroyed
  • Meets standards for data protection (NIST SP 800-88 r1, HMG IA Standard No. 5, DIN-66399)
  • Confidence that you are working with an industry leader who understands your data security risks
  • Media inventory reconciliation when needed

At our facilities, hard drives are erased or shredded, depending on size and client requirements.

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