Data Center

Data Center Services


We provide decommissioning and data destruction services for all types of data centers. Retired IT equipment is redeployed, sold or recycled. Project plans are created for large projects. Our field technicians work in close coordination with data center employees to ensure equipment is removed while minimizing disruption of concurrent activities.

Decommissioning Services

Hyperscale Data Center Services

Cloud providers trust ABM to systematically decommission rack servers, blade servers, SANs and data center infrastructure. ABM resourcefully resells surplus equipment and components and responsibly recycles equipment with no remaining useful life. Bulk shredding of hard drives provides a quick, cost effective and secure method to ensure data security.

Cloud Services

Colocated Data Center

Let ABM help with rack decommissioning, cage cleanouts, inventory reconciliation, bulk on-site data destruction and final disposition of IT assets. We manage the entire process, strengthening chain-of-custody. Each data center will have access to the Sims Portal to request additional services on demand..

Colocated Data Center Services

Corporate Data Center Shutdown

As data and processing transitions to the cloud, companies are permanently shutting down their corporate data centers. ABM helps in decommissioning data center equipment, pulling cables and removing any support structure, such as UPS, HVAC equipment and server racks. We also help manage the permanent shut down..

Data Center Shut Down

Infrastructure Reuse

Used data center equipment can be refurbished and prepared for reuse.  Reusing equipment, through resale or redeployment, is more cost effective and provides better environmental outcomes compared to recycling.  Our clients benefit from programs that deliver maximum value and are aligned to their corporate goals.

Selling Your Equipment

Data Destruction

ABM offers a range of services for destroying sensitive data at our clients’ data centers. We help you meet regulatory requirements for data protection and avoid penalties for lack of compliance. Companies remain responsible for the security of collected data even after assets have been removed from your data center.

Data Destruction Services

Recycling Data Center Equipment

Recognized worldwide for our advanced recycling capabilities, ABM ensures your equipment is recycled in an environmentally compliant manner.  Ask about our ability to recycle IT equipment, racks and data center mechanical and electrical infrastructure. Recycling unusable equipment extracts raw materials from e-waste..

Recycling Services

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Because we operate in a specialized industry, we frequently are asked questions about the services we offer. View common questions and answers about our services.  We provide detailed financial reporting and chain of custody reports. Companies have confidence that resell is handled quickly, maximizing financial..


We Buy Used Servers and Blades

We stand ready to resell your retired equipment, leveraging our strong reputation and robust network in the secondary market.

On-Site Hard Drive Shredding


Most data centers require data to be destroyed while hard drives and tapes are still in their custody and control. ABM offers data destruction solutions for small and large projects. Our mobile shred trucks destroys thousands of hard drives per day, at the data center.

See How We Do It

We handle it all, including services at the data center, packing and shipping equipment, and reuse and recycling of retired data center equipment. Learn more about our process.

Benefits of Using ABM

Complete decommissioning, data destruction, asset resale and recycling, all from a single vendor.  We handle it all, giving you:

  • The convenience of working with a single vendor
  • Confidence that data is destroyed and inventory is accurately counted
  • Advanced refurbishment capabilities which helps increase asset and component reuse, and decrease the need for recycling
  • Access to our expert remarketing team and their proven resell program
  • Top dollar in resale in the secondary market
  • Assurance that your obsolete equipment is recycled responsibly.
  • A sustainability success story – the reuse and recycling of electronics decreases demand for resources used to produce new products and reduces landfill volumes

Decommissioning Checklist

Do you have an upcoming decommissioning project? Download our “Checklist for Selecting a Decommissioning Vendor” for ideas on how to evaluate potential service providers.

Data Center Services

ABM is trusted across the globe for removing, reselling and recycling data center servers and blades. We offer multiple solutions for on-premise data destruction.