Colocated Data Center

Colocated Data Center Services

ABM works with data centers to help their clients manage disposition of retired equipment. We extend the value of your smart hands and remote hands services by offering the following services:

  • Providing a reliable and secure solution for destroying storage media
  • Complete rack decommissioning
  • Full cage cleanouts
  • Inventory reconciliation and packing of equipment
  • Shipment to a ABM facility where used servers and blades are sold and obsolete equipment is responsibly recycled.

Each data center will have access to the Sims Portal to request additional services on demand. When a request for equipment pick-up is made, ABM will schedule pick-up and securely ship to a ABM processing center for final disposition.

Benefits of Using ABM Services

  • ABM manages entire disposition process, strengthening the chain of trust on-site and off-site.
  • Added value service to offer to your clients, with no additional data center resources required
  • Fully managed and integrated service, seamless to your clients
  • ABM will meet SLAs and security requirements of your clients.
  • Flexible billing options for storage media destruction and disposition of retired servers and blades, including a per rack subscription option

Data Destruction

  • Scheduled days where ABM technician will be on-site and destroy all retired storage media. Destroyed drives will be shipped to a ABM processing center for final processing.
  • Our techs manage data destruction, generate required documentation and reporting and remove destroyed hard drives for final recycling.
  • Client specific secure bins for hard drive storage
  • Certified and guaranteed data destruction

We Buy Used Servers

Looking for the best return on servers you have already decommissioned? If you have data center equipment you want to sell, we will buy your equipment outright. With our market knowledge and access to global buyers, ABM can be the best place to sell used servers.

Data Center Services

Decommissioning and data destruction services provided at our client locations tend to be project based and require close coordination and planning. Talk to one of our business solution advisors to discuss how ABM can support your team.