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Data Center Trends

Innovative technology and market trends are driving change in the design and maintenance of data centers, some of which include:

  • The explosion of the digitization of our lives at work, home and entertainment
  • Increased popularity of cloud computing and server virtualization
  • A focus on green initiatives to increase data center energy efficiency

Hyperscale data center construction is increasing as a result of these trends, while at the same time the number of on-premise data centers is decreasing.

The construction of hyperscale data centers is a massive undertaking. Once operational, the focus of the data center team shifts to systematic day-to-day operations. As equipment is upgraded and older equipment is retired, it is important to work with a vendor who can provide scaled scope and discipline.

Hyperscale Data Centers

Companies who own hyperscale data centers tend to operate globally. ABM’ global footprint allows us to support these projects worldwide, concurrently. ABM has clearly defined and consistent processes and capabilities to help companies systematically retire IT equipment from these large data centers. Our systematic approach to managing end-of-life electronics is extremely important within data centers. We offer project planning, consistent processes and full accountability, while ensuring business continuity, data security and the environmentally responsible reuse or recycling of retired equipment.

Staged Decommissioning

Staged retirement of data center IT assets, storage devices and server racks

Our on-site teams pull hard drives, remove servers, server racks and prepare this equipment for shipping and final processing.

  • Decommission racks and servers
  • Remove and destroy hard drives
  • Inventory reconciliation with client-supplied list (servers and hard drives)
  • Resale and recycling services for servers and networking equipment
  • Recycling services for server racks and computer parts

Bulk Hard Drive Shredding

Trucks equipped with high-capacity hard drive shredders provide fast and compliant on-site shredding of hard drives. This solution supports destruction of thousands of hard drives per day. It also allows clients to witness the destruction of the storage devices while these units are still in your custody. When we shred hard drives at a data center, the shredded material is considered e-waste. Country-specific regulations govern in country and cross border transport of e-waste. ABM provides guidance to our clients in laws and requirements that affect the transportation and processing of e-waste. This guidance includes preparing correct shipping documents, thereby protecting clients from fines, fees and penalties that can result from improper transboundary movement of e-waste.


Original Design Servers (ODS)

Resourceful Solutions for Original Design Servers

Custom-built servers and processors are being rapidly adopted in hyperscale data centers. These proprietary servers change the typical reuse / recycling decisions for retired IT equipment. We work with clients to provide guidance on how this equipment is best processed. Can parts be harvested for parts stocking inventory or resale? Can equipment be redeployed to other company-owned locations? Is secure recycling the best way to protect any intellectual property?

Data Destruction. Guaranteed.

At your workplace or ours. Our data destruction services are compliant with industry standards and ensure all data is destroyed. Certificates of Data Destruction included.


ABM is resourceful in remarketing used data center equipment. We leverage global resale channels and smart pricing analytics to make strategic decisions on refurbishing and reselling equipment. We work with data center managers to repurpose custom built servers to maximize resale potential while protecting proprietary information. Our clients benefit from programs that deliver maximum value and are aligned to their corporate goals.


ABM is a leading recycling company worldwide.  Discover more about how we recycle your data center equipment.

Sustainable Data Center Decommissioning

The systematic reuse and recycling of retired IT equipment yields positive sustainability results by decreasing mining of natural resources to produce new products. Landfill volumes are also reduced helping to drive a circular economy.

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We Buy Used Servers

Looking for the best return on servers you have already decommissioned?  If you have data center equipment you want to sell, we will buy your equipment outright. With our market knowledge and access to global buyers.

Data Center Services

Decommissioning and data destruction services provided at our client locations tend to be project based and require close coordination and planning. Talk to one of our business solution advisors to discuss how ABM can support your team.