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Why ABM Systems

Why Recycle?

Electronic waste, or “e-waste,” is defined as discarded electronic equipment destined for reuse, resale, salvage, recycling or disposal. These e-waste products contain hazardous pollutants such as cadmium, lithium, arsenic, lead, dioxins and mercury. When e-waste is irresponsibly disposed of in our landfills, these substances leak into the groundwater and soil, becoming harmful to human health and the environment.

To comply with local regulations, any e-waste from non-residential sources must not be disposed of in landfills. Electronic waste must be recycled or taken to a hazardous waste facility.

By responsibly recycling e-waste, we can not only benefit our environment, but our economy; our health; and our future.

Why Secure Data?

Protect Yourself - Why Securing Data Is Important

In this modernistic world of evolving technology, identity theft is a swiftly growing serious crime.ABM System is the certified solution in the attempt to fight this theft. Our state-of-the-art secure data destruction center safeguards all data given if its personal traceable data, financial particulars, medical records, bank statements and other confidential information. 

ABM System secures and protects all electronic data and personal information from the point of collection through transport and processing. Here at ABM we offer Department of Defense 5220.22-M and NIST 800-88 complaint hard drive wiping.

Why Dispose Electronic Waste?

In the tech savvy world that we live in, we need to clearly understand the meaning of electronic waste, which is a term used to describe useless or unwanted computers, monitors, cell phones, laptops, desktop phones, TV, printers etc. This discarded electronic equipment is either available to the market (if it is in a good working condition) or it is recycled. This waste is a source of perplexity worldwide and poses a challenge that every individual should be accountable and liable for.

In some developing countries proper and safe handling of these electronic materials are a significant point of concern. Due to lack of capital outdoor burning of this electronic waste is one way of conducting unsafe handling in these countries. This chemical process of combustion effectuates very small particles resulting in diseases pertaining to the heart and lungs, besides this, hazards of lead poisoning increases as well.

The improper placement of this electronic waste results in the contamination of the environment, hence posing a threat to the Eco-system. Without basic and general awareness, people even in their homes can be exposed to the hazards as it is abundantly yielding. This unsuspecting danger can make its way into the food we consume and the water we drink. Electronic equipment contains unsafe materials like lead, cadmium and mercury. If these substances access man in much amounts, these can cause harm to different organs of the body and different types of cancers.Since children and unborn babies, in particular, are more vulnerable, if exposed they are more susceptible to the toxic side effects.

The best way to dispose your electronic waste is with a responsible recyclable facility which is e-Stewards or R2 certified like ABM System and Recycling Surplus based in Texas. Companies are constantly working on the e- waste management system. If every one takes into consideration this serious crisis, we all can set global standards and make the environment safer.

Hard Drive Shredding

Our Houston, Tx Electronic Recycling facilities uses ABM System's state-of-the-art shredding machines, which are specifically designed to shred the drives so that no data can ever be reconstructed or retrieved.

Data Sanitization

We use D.O.D (Department Of Defense standards) & other software to make sure data removal is complete and permanent.

Houston Recycling Center

Computer Recycling Houston

9329 Alberene Dr Houston, TX 77074

(713) 541-2700 Electronic Recycling Center

Hours: Mon-Fri 08am - 4:30pm (Sat, Sun Closed) 

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