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RedeploymentABM System’s Redeployment Service reduces new equipment purchases by extending the life of current assets. ABM System begins with full product tests and reports the results to your asset management team. Items are chosen for redeployment, re marketing, and recycling.

Our Refurbishment, Test and Repair Departments will upgrade, clean, and even install software - all to your specifications. Equipment is packed securely and may be shipped around the world. Redeployment services are available for Servers, Workstations, Desktops, Laptops, and Monitors.

Hard Drive Shredding

Our Houston, Tx Electronic Recycling facilities uses ABM System's state-of-the-art shredding machines, which are specifically designed to shred the drives so that no data can ever be reconstructed or retrieved.

Data Sanitization

We use D.O.D (Department Of Defense standards) & other software to make sure data removal is complete and permanent.

Houston Recycling Center

Computer Recycling Houston

9329 Alberene Dr Houston, TX 77074

(713) 541-2700 Electronic Recycling Center

Hours: Mon-Fri 08am - 4:30pm (Sat, Sun Closed) 

Categories: Computer Recycling , Electronic Recycling , Hard Drive Shredding,  Electronic Surplus


ABM System Services

  • Data Security
  • Test and Repair
  • Reporting & Documentation
  • Re-deployment
  • Re-Marketing
  • Logistics