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Confidential information in hard drives has also become a target for identity theft. When organizations upgrade their computers, they often remove the hard drives, use software to erase the data and send them to computer recyclers.

Although the programs erase the data, some just delete the directories on the drive and the actual data remains. Simply by using other available software, the information can be restored, giving someone access to confidential information believed to be destroyed. This leaves organizations vulnerable.

Erasing your hard drive doesn’t mean the data’s gone. Hard drive destruction is proven to be the only 100% secure way to destroy data from hard drives permanently. That means physically shredding the hard drive and disposing of the minute particles that remain.

ABM System’s state-of-the-art hard drive shredding machines are specifically designed to shred the drives so that no data can ever be reconstructed or retrieved.

By responsibly recycling e-waste, we can not only benefit our environment, but our economy; our health; and our future.

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