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  • Computers, laptops and tablets (Accepted at no charge)
  • Speakers (We Charge)
  • Copiers (We Charge)
  • Printers (We Charge)
  • Scanners (We Charge)
  • Monitors & screens (We Charge)
  • TVs (We Charge)
  • PDAs (Accepted at no charge)
  • Printed circuit boards (Accepted at no charge)
  • Phone systems (Accepted at no charge)
  • Telecom equipment (Accepted at no charge)
  • Cables (Accepted at no charge)
  • Cell phones & pager (Accepted at no charge)

By responsibly recycling e-waste, we can not only benefit our environment, but our economy; our health; and our future.

9329 Alberene Dr Houston, TX 77074

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